The Chocolate Museum is a curiously appealing independent museum that traces the history of chocolate in the UK as well as displays antique artefacts that dates as far back as the 18th century. We have an exhibition that is completely free and sell delightful artisan chocolates. Why not pop in and feed your curiosity with the food of the gods!

The Chocolate Museum is an independent museum established by Isabelle Alaya, a French artisan chocolatier, who started her own brand, Melange Chocolate, in the UK in 2008. Our collection encompasses a range of objects and memorabilia acquired over many years from different merchants and collectors.
The Chocolate Museum opened its doors in March 2013. It is located in the colourful and vibrant area of Brixton (London) in the historic and conservation area of Ferndale Road. Our aim is to represent the UK chocolate industry as well as to provide visitors with accurate information and quality products.
We mainly stock ethically sourced chocolates produced by independent bean-to-bar makers and focus on single origins chocolate bars as well as on the adventurous flavours of Melange Chocolate, blending fruits, spices and herbs. We run a very dynamic programme of workshops for the whole family as well as for schools, or special occasions.(ref:official website of.thechocolatemuseum)

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Address: The Chocolate Museum
187 Ferndale Road, Brixton
London, SW9 8BA
Region: Brixton
Nearest Station: Brixton
Telephone: 020 8127 5259

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