Warner Bros. Studios, Leavesden is an 80-hectare studio complex in Leavesden in Hertfordshire, in southeast England. Formerly known as Leavesden Film Studios and still colloquially known Leavesden Studios or simply Leavesden, it is a film and media complex owned by Warner Bros. The studios and backlot were all retrofitted as the site’s original purpose was as an aircraft factory and airfield called Leavesden Aerodrome, a centre of British aircraft production during World War II. It is situated in Abbots Langley, near Watford, in southwest Hertfordshire

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All children are given a ‘Passport’ and they can collect six stamps throughout the tour. Many adults may like to collect them too as the stamps are simply pressed into a sheet of paper so bring a notebook or ask for your own Passport. The book also has clues on where to find the fifteen hidden golden snitches which is another way to keep all members of the family entertained and focused. Staff can give more clues as they can be hard to spot and I saw many adults just as keen to complete the challenge.
You enter as a group at your allocated time but you do get to see Harry’s bedroom under the stairs while waiting. If you’re really early you could go to the large Studio Cafe or shop while waiting.

When you enter you start in an introduction room with a quick speech from a member of staff and then watch a video about the discovery of Harry Potter and how it took over the world.

Next you all move into the cinema and after a staff introduction see a short film narrated by the main three actors (Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint) and gain an insight into the making of Harry Potter.

Staff then invite everyone forward and take a volunteer to open the door into Hogwarts Great Hall which is large and everything you would hope for. A member of staff stays with you and, after letting you explore for a while pointed out some of the things we hadn’t noticed such as the fact there’s no ornate ceiling – that’s added by CGI – but the flag stone flooring is 10 years old and is the real thing.

See if you can spot Daniel Radcliffe’s first Hogwarts school uniform and look at the scratches on the long dining tables which were done by the many children who worked on the set as they were encouraged to be normal school children so there would be some true ‘wear and tear’.

Over the years, the Great Hall has been used for cast members and crew birthday parties and celebrations which must have been fun to attend.

From here on in you’re free to tour the attraction on your own. Many run straight past the first corridor to get to the sets but along the way there’s a makeup table and costumes and much more.

Once in the interior sets area it’s basically a photo taking frenzy and the world of Harry Potter is brought to life for us. There are plenty of staff and I was impressed by their knowledge, not only of the attraction but of the Harry Potter films in general.(Ref:anglotopia/author/laura)

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