The world’s biggest Lego store opens in London on Thursday marked by the unveiling of a six-metre high 200,000-brick Big Ben.(Ref:Telegraph)

The structure dominates the two-storey 9800 square metre store in Leicester Square after taking 2,280 hours to build, and features a working clock face which will be illuminated at night.

The opening also includes the unveiling of a new Lego mascot named Lester, an English tea-drinking Minifigure, and the first Lego London skyline replica set ahead of its worldwide release in January.
The phenomenally successful Danish company reports having sold more than 72 billion Lego “elements” or pieces last year.

Loren Shuster, executive vice president and chief commercial officer at Lego said: “We want to inspire and develop children across the globe through creative Lego play experiences, and our Lego Brand retail stores allows children, parents and fans to explore the many different Lego products while getting a truly unique and immersive experience of the Lego brand.”..(source Ref:Telegraph)

Here’s a glimpse around what should quite rightly be the only shop you visit during the normally painful Christmas shopping rush.
If that wasn’t enough there’s a 265,000 brick recreation of the London skyline and a brand-new Metropolitan underground train containing huge versions of William Shakespeare and more.

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